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Highland Roots - Family History from the Heart of the Scottish Highlands

Highland Clan Contacts
  Clans and their societies change their websites and contact details quite often, so some of those accessed by the links below may now be out of date or commission. More up-to-date contact details may be found for many of the clans shown below on the membership pages of the website of the Association of Highland Clans & Societies.
[CCC] after the name denotes membership of the Clan Chattan Confederation.
Brodie Lamont MacInnes MacNab Menzies
Cameron MacAlister MacIntyre MacNeil Morrison
Clan Chattan Confed. MacArthur Mackintosh [CCC] MacNicol Munro
Chisholm MacAulay MacKay MacPhail [CCC] Murray
Cumming MacBean/Bain [CCC] MacKenzie MacPhee Robertson/Donnachaidh
Davidson [CCC] MacCorquodale MacKinnon MacPherson [CCC] Rose
Farquharson [CCC] MacDonald/MacDonell MacLachlan MacQuarrie Ross
Forbes MacDougall MacLaren MacQueen [CCC] Shaw [CCC]
Fraser of Lovat MacEwen MacLean MacRae Sinclair
Grant MacFarlane MacLeod MacTavish Stewart/Stuart
Gunn MacGregor MacLennan MacThomas Sutherland
Innes MacGillivray [CCC] MacMillan Matheson  Urquhart

The above list is not exhaustive and we'll be glad to add new names if clans left out care to supply contact details.

The names of most - though not all - Chiefs & Commanders of clans recognised by the Lord Lyon can be accessed via the website of The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, with links to some clan websites shown against their names.